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  • Shining-Armor

    Following up on the last update blog a new parser is being developed specifically to make ChatTags more powerful and more user friendly. In doing this I am going to outline some of the upcoming features planned for ChatTags v3.

    First of all the largest change is the parser and what it allows me as a developer to do. With the new parser structure I have more options when it comes to how tags work and what tags I can add and what you as a developer can add for your community.

    One of the most notable changes is that all singleton tags are being removed. This means that instead of using a single img tag or yt tag you will use both an open and a closing tag. This turns

    This update blog is updated periodically as development continues. Please check bac…

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  • Shining-Armor

    First off, ignore all of the random stuff all over the wiki and if you find stuff that you can break I would highly advise that you not break it. Oh! And if you can somehow localize this blog that would be sweet since this message went out to everyone using this script in English.

    Anyway, on to the point.

    Pretty much just changed

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