First off, ignore all of the random stuff all over the wiki and if you find stuff that you can break I would highly advise that you not break it. Oh! And if you can somehow localize this blog that would be sweet since this message went out to everyone using this script in English.

Anyway, on to the point.

Pretty much just changed [c red]hello[/c] to [c="red"]hello[/c].

This slight syntax change effects pretty much every tag which accepts input so the run of the mill c, bg, font, img, and yt tags are all now mandating that you use this new syntax which is great for font because now you can use Times New Roman or whatever.

Anyway since a lot of people either can't be bothered to read the documentation or just don't know that such a thing exists I created this post and mandated that you all be notified of it.

So yeah...

UPDATE: Due to a mistake in the typing all predefined settings for images and videos are set to false. This has been fixed and is now awaiting review. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: If you want an autocomplete utility for ChatTags please check below.

mw.loader.using('jquery.ui.autocomplete', function() {
    $(function() {
        var availableTags = [
            source: availableTags,
            position: { my: "left bottom", at: "left top", collision: "none" }
        mw.util.addCSS('.ui-autocomplete{border:1px solid #000;background:#000;width:150px!important}.ui-menu-item{background:#fff;border-bottom:2px solid #000}.ui-menu-item a{font-family:monospace;color:#000!important}');

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Want to help with development? See MediaWiki:ChatTags/code.js for source and MediaWiki talk:ChatTags/code.js to contribute.