Following up on the last update blog a new parser is being developed specifically to make ChatTags more powerful and more user friendly. In doing this I am going to outline some of the upcoming features planned for ChatTags v3.

First of all the largest change is the parser and what it allows me as a developer to do. With the new parser structure I have more options when it comes to how tags work and what tags I can add and what you as a developer can add for your community.

One of the most notable changes is that all singleton tags are being removed. This means that instead of using a single img tag or yt tag you will use both an open and a closing tag. This turns [img="some.image.url"] to [img]protocol://this.image.url[/img]. Finally the images won't be limited to only http://.

Some of the new features and tags are as follows:

  • Dual tags required
  • New settings
  • All new tags:
    • URL: [url="Community Central"][/u[[]]rl] => Community Central
    • Style: [style="c:red;bg:green;font:times new roman;b;i;big;code;"]This is bulk styled by one tag[/style]

This update blog is updated periodically as development continues. Please check back periodically and leave suggestions/comments below.